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A bilaterial IFR used as the last ply in surface infusion, or interlaminarly in thick composites...

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Polybeam® 703
A three-dimensional spacer fabric for core infusions without GPS...

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Improve your Bottom Line with Infusion Flow Reinforcements

Engineered as part of the laminate, Infusion Flow Reinforcements [IFR] simplify infusion processing and:

  • Contribute to the laminate properties;
  • Improve infusion flow rates and uniformity;
  • Reduce waste associated with other infusion techniques.

Additionally these innovative proven products dovetail into existing VARTM and Light-RTM infrastructure:

$1000 One Time Payment to a Charity of your Choice
If you tell us your experience of using HIFLUX-90™ or Polybeam® and we insert your story in our website or use it in an ad. Please contact Offer good through until 12/31/2009.
Polynova Composites designs and manufactures innovative Infusion Flow Reinforcements textiles for use in a braod range of closed-mold processes. Contact us today to learn how these products can improve your bottom line!
KEEPING IT GREEN - Advances in Textiles for Vacuum Infusion Processing

Wind power's portrayal as a 100% clean source of renewable energy bodes well for those seeking a power source with little environmental impact.  Nevertheless, to stay true to this green promise, we mustn't lose sight of the carbon footprint laid down prior to the generation of electricity.  Composite materials, acknowledged as an enabler of the green promise, can contribute greatly to this footprint.  In recognition of this reality, manufacturers' have turned from open mold processing to closed mold vacuum infusion processing...
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